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Hexagon LED Lights for Decorating The Wall During The Night and Joined Together By Magnets

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Hexagon LED Wall Lights

The touch light's design allows you to effectively slide where you want or need light, turning the wall into a canvas and using your hands like a brush. The combination of modularity and lighting control equals a product that can be fully customized by the user.


  • Suitable for any wall installation.
  • The wall lamp is turned on and off by the user's physical touch.
  • Individual components can be easily stitched together by magnets located on the edge of the product. 

About Product

The hexagon LED light consists of a number of plastic hexagons that can be joined by magnets and interlocking patterns to create a touch screen wall light. The magnets that make up the physical connection between the components also allow current from one to another. With the power supply of the product, each component is turned on and off with a capacitive touch sensor. The basic idea of ​​the product is to allow users to view the internal architecture of the room in a light source. It gives the user an opportunity to illuminate the path they touch by simply sliding the surface of the wall.


  • Non-destructive installation, with the installation and disassembly, only needing to install a socket nearby the power supply.
  • Can be combined freely with different numbers of modules to create the desired pattern, which can be used as an illumination night light or as a wall decoration artwork.
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from, you can use all the same colors to arrange the combination, or you can combine them with different colors.
  • If there is a problem with a light, just replace the light that has the problem since you don't need to replace all the lights


  • Light source: LED light
  • Voltage: 100-240 (V)
  • Light source power: Flat plug (US regulations), round insert (European regulations)


  • 10x LED Smart Lights
  • 1x Base

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