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Mini Portable Drying Rack Small Clothes Dryer Dormitory with Small Power for Home Students Low-Folding Dormitory

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Portable Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger

Electric Clothes Hanger Drying Rack

This innovative Portable Electric Clothes Dryer Hanger puts the power of a conventional dryer right in the palm of your hand.This SMART dryer hanger is much more than a clothes hanger. The dual action HOT and COLD technology is the fastest, easiest and safest way to dry your delicate clothes.It quickly and safely dries your clothes right on the hanger. No mess. No Damage.

This dryer hanger is gentle, making it the perfect option to dry your delicate clothes! It comes with free specialty clips, designed for drying your dedicates. Use it for blouses, lingerie, dresses, garments, baby clothing, shirts, shoes, and more! It evenly dries every item from the inside out. The secret is its PTC Technology with low power, high thermal efficiency.

If you only need to dry one item, using a conventional dryer is a waste of money! A dry cleaner can take too long and it's expensive. 

Drying shoes is a pain! They take forever to dry and can damage your dryer. Finding an affordable and reliable shoe dryer is nearly impossible.This dryer hanger comes with a FREE shoe attachment to DRY YOUR SHOES. Simply insert your shoes onto the special attachment, connect it, and dry them! Not only does the dryer hanger dry shoes, it can also be used as a sock dryer.

Not only can The Electric Clothes Drying Rack be used to dry clothes, it can also be used to dry shoes by adding special parts. Simply insert your shoes onto the special attachment, connect it, and dry it! It is a shoe dryer, and it can also be used as a sock dryer.

  • Space Saving: Mini compact size and detachable, doesn’t take much space can store in closet or luggage, simple operation and easy to carry.
  • Quick drying: Fast, dry clothes within 3 hours, work in 150W / 110V-220V / 50Hz. Hot and cold air auto-switch every 3hrs, no shrinkage/heat damage to clothes. It can resolve clothes drying requirements while traveling or in damp weathers.
  • Care functions: The clothes dryer has a conventional clothing care functions, such as: moisture, mildew, moth, sterilization, resistance smelling, deodorization, and dry the lightweight clothing right after washing function.
  • Multipurpose: Suitable for lightweight and small clothes like suits, coats, dresses, jackets, T-shirts, infant wear, underwear but not silk cotton clothes. They are stretchable and works great for drying shoes.

     Package Contents:

    2 *dry shoe rack
    1 *Instruction manual
    1 *host
    1 *cloth bag
    2 *clip
    2 * Led

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