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Persol Sunglasses, Which One Should You Buy?

by Kashif Ur Rehman
Persol Sunglasses, Which One Should You Buy?

Started in 1917 by one Giuseppe Ratti, Persol is a globally recognised luxury sunglass brand that focuses on creating unique and fashionable sunglasses that can be worn by anyone.

The sunglasses are easily recognisable as their design hasn’t changed that much for the past 50 to 60 years.

In 1995, Luxottica purchased Persol company in hopes of expanding their brand.

However, Persol’s sunglass business has always remained in Italy, the original hometown where it all started.

Unlike the competition, Persol sunglasses are handmade in Italy and are relatively affordable for many.

In my opinion, Persol has managed to stay in the top ten globally mentioned brands when it comes to sunglasses fashion. The loyalty can be attributed to pilots, car racers & movie stars who back in the day used to wear Persol sunglasses as they are quite comfortable while protecting the eyes from direct sunlight in the process.

Think of Persol as the McLaren of sunglasses.

Why are Persol Sunglasses So Popular?

One thing that makes them so popular even today is that celebrities such as Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio & Ryan Gosling rock them as they make them look classy, bridging the formal and casual gap with ease.

You’ve probably seen your favourite celebrity, be it in movies, music videos, or on the streets rocking them.

But which sunglasses are the best from Persol’s vast collection?

In this article, I’ll be covering some of my favourite Persol sunglasses and help you choose your most preferred ones. This will let you focus on freshening your style without breaking the bank.

  1. Lacasa De Papel

Most people are already familiar with this name. Still, for those who are yet to come across it, it’s a popular title on Netflix centring around a criminal group that invades the royal mint of Spain to print their own money.

For those who’ve watched the show, our beloved mastermind of the criminal activity executed by the group, the professor, has always rocked these glasses since the very first season of the ‘Lacasa De Papel’ tv show.

Persol has always maintained a very close relationship with film and TV personnel for quite some time now. The limited edition of “El Profesor Original” & “El Profesor Sergio” sunglasses that come in black alongside the tortoiseshell frames were released as a way to show how cool Persol the company is when dressing your favourite tv personnel with the latest eyewear.

What Makes the Lacasa De Papel Sunglasses Unique?

These limited edition sunglasses feature a sleek frame of 24K gold plated lenses and come in either black or brown with Persol blue lenses or the Persol green lenses.

Do you want to look classy and sharp like the professor?

Well, these are the go-to glasses for you.

What’s the Cost of the Lacasa De Papel Sunglasses?

The gold plated sunglasses cost approximately $400, while the other two editions, that is, the El Profesor Sergio & the El Profesor original, will cost you roughly $300 and $200, respectively.

  1. Steve McQueen 714 Sunglasses

Steve is a household name that appeared on our screens in the 60s as he was an American actor, also known as ‘the king of cool.’

As his nickname suggests, the 714’s are a new kind of sunglasses with the ability to fold inwards, unlike its predecessors that folded downwards.

The fact that they are both stylish and foldable makes them great for anyone as they can easily fit in your pocket once folded.

What Makes the Steve McQueen 714 Sunglasses Unique?

The 714’s come with Persol’s classic arrow, and Steve printed on the inside of the frame as a tribute to him as an icon in the film industry.

There’s also a version with 24K gold plated hinges and frames that come in different colour variants.

What’s the Cost of the Steve McQueen 714 Sunglasses?

You can imitate the McQueen look with as little as $399, which is way cheaper than the original pricing of $500.


  1. The Galleria 900 Sunglasses

The Galleria 900 series of Persol sunglasses come from both stylish and sophisticated designs of the late 1940s.

The 40’s design inspires the collection as they aim to give people a classy look while taking them back in time when celebrities used to frenzy eye-ware.

This collection comprises some of the best artwork from Persol as their sunglasses prove to withstand time by staying relevant and iconic in this day and age.

Some of the sunglasses under this series include;

  •         P03141V
  •         P03142V
  •         P03143V
  •         P03148S
  •         P03152S

They come in various colours and can be worn at any casual or formal event.

What Makes the Galleria 900 Sunglasses Unique?

The ability to rock these sunglasses with almost any outfit is incredible as they neither look too formal nor look too casual for various meetings/events.

Some are unisex as they can fit both genders while still making them look sleek and elegant.

What’s the Cost of the Galleria 900 Sunglasses?

As mentioned earlier on in this article, the Galleria 900 comprises different models with similar objectives of taking you back in time.

The cost of each glass may vary but always remains below $350 and slightly above $250 across the board.

  •         P03141V- $250
  •         P03142V- $257
  •         P03143V- $260
  •         P03148S- $280
  •         P03152S- $320

  1. The Typewriter Edition Sunglasses

These vintage-inspired sunglasses tap into the world of typewriting as they’re engraved with cylinders and poetic symbols that signal these revolutionary types of machinery. In contrast, others try to mimic the traditional keys of a typewriter.

The typewriter edition sunglasses from Persol come in different colours and models which include;

  •         P03108S
  •         P03210S
  •         P03208S

What Makes the Typewriter Edition Sunglasses Unique?

Each metal frame of the typewriter edition sunglasses replicates the old school typewriter engraved with different fonts, making you look both classic and modern at the same time.

What’s the Cost of the Typewriter Edition Sunglasses?

This edition of Persol’s glasses come in four styles of two optical and two sunglasses that cost approximately $300 and $350 respectively.

  1. Persol 649 Sunglasses

These are the original classic glasses from Persol that have proved to stay timeless and classy, looking in today’s world.

They are cheap compared to the other sunglasses provided by Persol as they are their entry-level glasses into the world of classy looks.

These non-folding sunglasses look similar to the 714’s and the Steve McQueen editions but come in thick frames.

My personal preference is rocking these beauties with the Persol blue lens as they look stunning and elegant on anyone.

The Persol blue lenses can withstand powerful direct rays from the sun, which is why we wear sunglasses apart from wanting to look good. Isn’t it?

What Makes the Persol 649 Sunglasses Unique?

The classic Persol 649 sunglasses come in different frame sizes that can fit any type of the head while still leaving room for comfort.

I find the arrow pointing away from the frame a very appealing design no matter how small of a detail it is. It just baffles me how good the shaft makes the sunglasses look.

What’s the Cost of the Typewriter Edition Sunglasses?

These are entry-level sunglasses from Persol hence the cheapest in this list.

You can get the 649Persol sunglasses for as cheap as $150 and sometimes even less expensive than that at different online stores offering discounted prices at different times of the year.

  1. Calligrapher Edition Sunglasses

The Italian company has always promoted and showed their unique way of portraying craftsmanship through their sunglasses.

The calligrapher edition here gives a taste of modernised design to individuals who appreciate the art of calligraphy.

The frame features a square-shaped thin material crafted from hard plastic, leaving the user room for comfortability.

Do you desire to look charming, traditional, and artistry at the same time?

Well, the calligrapher edition is the series to look out for to attain your desired looks.

These series comprise of different sunglass models including;

  •         P03165S
  •         P03166S
  •         P03172S
  •         P03173S

What Makes the Calligrapher Edition Sunglasses Unique?

Calligrapher series sunglasses consist of calligraphy elements lifted off different objects such as pens with ornamental finishes.

What’s the Cost of the Calligrapher Edition sunglasses?

This edition of Persol’s sunglasses has always managed to stay slightly above $300 but below $360 when it comes to pricing.

If you asked me, this pricing is the right value for your money.

You get to protect your eyes from the sunlight while still managing to look fresh.

  1. Metal Capsule Edition sunglasses

As the name suggests, the metal capsule sunglasses are streamlined by thin frames made of metal material.

These sunglasses are available in different colour variants, and my personal favourite is the one rocking the Persol green lenses with a rounded metal finish.

The series comprises the P02446S, which are semi-octagonal alongside the P02445S with a rounded shape.

What Makes the Metal Capsule Sunglasses Unique?

The metal capsule sunglasses scream comfort with their thin frames with meticulous finishes.

What’s the Cost of the Metal Capsule sunglasses?

The P02445S and the P02446S from the metal capsule edition sell for $345 and $350, respectively.

This, to me, looks like a terrific offer compared to what you’ll be getting in return.

How Do You Tell Original Persol Sunglasses from the Fake ones?

Now that you’ve decided to purchase a pair of Persol sunglasses from this guide, it is important to tell if you are getting the real deal and not counterfeit sunglasses.

Be sure to check and follow the points below before making your purchase and lose your hard-earned cash.

  • Persol sunglasses come in a branded box with fonts matching the logo.
  • A dust cloth for your sunglasses comes with your package.
  • The arrow on the Persol sunglasses frame is well crafted with metal and should be flat.
  • The logo is also printed on the inside of the sunglasses, followed by a 'Hand Made in Italy' writing.
  • The ‘Meflecto’ system patented by the company is identifiable by two metal strips running from top to bottom of the arms.
  • Lastly, Persol sunglasses come with model numbers detailed inside the left arm of the frame containing three to four digits, followed by a letter.